Axel’s Birth

I often get asked about the kind of birth story that can be captured when the birthing family is having a cesarean birth.

The answer is: an equally beautiful and moving one.

This is the story of Axel’s birth, whose Mum and Dad were kind enough to give me permission to share.

(Please note that this posting contains images of a medical procedure.)

Alexander’s Birth

Amy’s birthing room was so relaxed and content.  It was also filled with (some of) her amazingly supportive family, including her sister who just happens to be a midwife…how great is that?

There were jokes, there were tears…but most profoundly there was love.  Oodles and oodles of the stuff.

What a fantastic welcome to the world.  Happy Birthday Alexander xo


Amy is a very talented newborn photographer herself.  You can see her work here

Her sister Lisa is a Calm Birth practitioner and midwife. To find out more, click here

Henry’s Birth

This would prove to be an incredibly long and intense labor lasting for days.

When I finally met up with Henry’s parents at the hospital that day, it wouldn’t be until the next morning when they finally got the chance to meet their beautiful new son.

Congratulations to the 3 of you xxx

Oliver’s Birth

During her labor, he didn’t miss a single contraction with her.  Not.  One.  He was right there holding her, breathing with her and really BEING with her.

And she was absolutely amazing.

Happy Birthday little Olllie.  Meet your Mum and Dad – they’re pretty wonderful people x

Charles’ Birth

I’ve been trying to think about what I could possibly say about Charles’ home birth that would do it justice…and the honest answer is nothing.

So I will just say that this baby was born peacefully at home, in water and surrounded by love.

Mama even ‘caught’ her own baby.


Callum’s birth

Sometimes things don’t quite unfold the way we had hoped they would.  This can be really distressing at the best of times, let alone during a birth.  I know this first hand because the during the birth of first child, my beautiful drug-free natural home birth I had envisaged resulted in an emergency caesarian…and I had to learn to be ok with that.  I have also since learned that babies will be born however they need to be – as long both mother and baby are both safe, then however each little human enters this world is the right way for that person.

Maureen was completely and utterly amazing.  She had been in pre-labor for the better part of A WEEK before it was decided that she needed to check into hospital to keep an eye on both her and baby.  She labored tirelessly for hours and hours with Sandy her husband by her side, hoping that their baby would kick-start labor proper and that birthing would get underway.

As it would happen, circumstances would require that Maureen have a caesarian – something she had been trying so hard to avoid.  I felt her and Sandy’s disappointment when the surgeon told them.  But Sandy and Maureen were both amazingly graceful and strong, accepting what needed to be done despite it not fitting in with their plans.  However the joy on both of their faces when they were finally holding their new son just shines right out of their faces for everyone to see.

Congratulations Maureen and Sandy on the birth of your beautiful boy Callum.  It was a privilege to capture your son’s birth story for you. x.

Nayla’s Birth

Nayla’s birth was fast.  I mean, really REALLY fast.

Nayla’s Mum, Eridani, called me dawn to let me know she was in labor and things were moving along nicely.  I grabbed my cameras and headed straight over to the family’s house where she was laboring.  On the way there I received a text to meet Eridani at the birthing centre as she had decided to go in as her contractions were quite strong now.

An hour after Eridani called me I was at the birthing centre with her.  Within 45 minutes of arriving at the hospital, Nayla was born!

Waiting to meet her was a proud (little) big brother and her Grandmother and Grandfather.  What a wonderful welcome to the world.

Happy birthday little Nayla. x

Chandré’s birth

Carmen and Lynton first contacted me only a few weeks before they were due to have their first baby, asking if I could photograph their birth for them.  They hadn’t known birth photography existed until they saw a story on it on Sunrise one morning, and contacted me pretty much straight away!

They knew they were having a little girl and didn’t want to miss capturing her birthday.  I didn’t want them to miss it either.

With her black hair, ruby lips and peachy baby skin, you can see why the midwives dubbed her Snow White.

Congratulations Carmen and Lynton.  Welcome to the world little Chandré.



This was to be the last time Sinead and Greg planned to be pregnant with their third beautiful baby.  When Sinead asked if I would interested in capturing the birth I immediately said yes.

What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was saying yes to being witness to the most serene, calm and gentle birth I have ever seen.  Amazing.

Congratulations Greg and Sinead on the beautiful birth of your sweet little Elise.  What a lucky girl to have 2 big loving sisters waiting for her when she gets home.


I met Lily and Jeremy when I photographed their wedding a couple of months back – such a kind, generous and fun couple.  When they asked if I could photograph the birth of their daughter expected some time between Christmas and New Year, of course I said yes – even though it meant being on 24 hr call during the holidays.

Are you kidding me? I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

Welcome Paige.