Elli-Jane & Patrick – a Blue Mountains wedding

Elli-Jane & Patrick’s wedding.

A beautiful location.  A remarkable dress.  Buckets of rain and a seriously pumping dance floor.

Enjoy <3

Sandra & Dan – Southern Highlands Wedding

When Sandra told me that she and Dan planned to get married at Bendooley Estate in the Southern Highlands, well my little photographer’s heart skipped a beat.  It’s such a stunning part of the country with rolling hills and fields of long grass…*sigh.  The fact that it was two amazing people who clearly adore each other getting married there made it all the more special.

As it turns out, Sandra’s beautiful daughter was a key instigator behind the whole idea of these two getting married – so not only did Sandra and Dan become husband and wife on this day, but the three of them also became a family.

Glasses and hearts were full, and tears and champagne flowed freely.  Grab yourself a cuppa, sit back and enjoy  x

Peta & Dan’s Sydney Wedding – BYRA

Dan & Peta’s Sydney wedding at Bayview Yacht Racing Association

Gaby & Grant’s Inner City Wedding

Now living in Melbourne together, Gaby is originally a Sydney girl.  When met together, and Gaby and Grant told me of their plans for an intimate inner city wedding in Sydney.  Their locations would all pretty much be in walking distance from each other – Darlinghurst, The Hilton, The Strand Arcade – would I be ok to do some travelling on foot?  Hell yes I would.

I travel pretty light (I like to be super-mobile when I’m working) and the locations Gaby and Grant were talking about were making my little photographer’s heart sing.  Beautiful pictures can be made anywhere – in the corner of a messy room, down a dirty street alley etc – but when there are beautiful and interesting locations involved in a shoot, things get a little bit exciting 🙂

Gaby and Grant’s wedding day was such a fantastically happy affair.  You can see for yourself from the smiles coming from all directions. x

Dewi and Malindi’s Wedding

Malindi & Dewi were married in Sydney at the British Consulate at Circular Quay. They had been doing a lot of liaising with the Consulate in the months leading up to their wedding, and had (graciously and) apologetically let me know that we would only know the actual date of the ceremony a few weeks in advance.  This was due to a combination of ongoing official Consulate business, together with the scheduling and booking of other same sex weddings (a service the British Consulate was legally able and absolutely thrilled to be able to provide those eligible and seeking it).

Their wedding party however, had been months in the planning and was firmly locked in place.

As luck would have it, the Consulate advised Dewi & Malindi that their ceremony would happen a few short days before their reception was planned – it was perfect timing.

Their ceremony was intimate and beautiful, and held in the Consulate’s offices overlooking the Harbour.  Their following party a few days later was brilliant.  So many friends and family filled with so much love and happiness for Dewi & Malindi.

And the cake…..well imo the cake itself embodied pure happiness (you’ll see what I mean – seriously).  Best.  Cake.  Ever.

I was honoured to be asked to capture their wedding and to meet these two incredible, accomplished women.

Malindi and Dewi’s make-up was by the very talented Lindsay Carignan


Ashleigh & Nick’s Wedding

Ash & Nick are pretty private people, and they had a gorgeous wedding at Nick’s family home reflecting that.

Sydney was putting on some of it’s infamous crazy Summer weather on the morning of the wedding.  You know the kind – sunny one minute, blackened skies and sheet rain the next.   Then miraculously the skies turn blue again, & the whole cycle repeats itself.

The rain literally only stopped that day about 10 minutes before Ash arrived for the ceremony.  It held off just long enough for us to take some pictures together before bucketing down again.

There was home-made brew, a cookie table, lawn croquet & hay bales.  It was such a beautiful affair, no-one minded the rain.  Not even the horses.


Ash & Nick’s wedding was beautifully styled by Oh Carito Events

Stephanie & Bryce

You know sometimes you meet a couple and it’s hard to imagine them not having been together for ever?  Stephanie and Bryce are like that.

Two really beautiful, likeable, capable people in their own right – together they seem to compliment each other in all the ways that matter most.

This is their winter wedding in the Hunter Valley.

At sunset.

With killer dance floor moves at the reception.

Yes please.

Nola & Lylejames

Sometimes love grows between 2 people and sometimes it is there from the very beginning – for Nola and Lyejames there has always been love.

After many years together (much to the joy of their family and friends), they decided to get married.

What followed was one huge celebration of family and love.



Katie & Warwick

The day Warwick met her, he turned and said quietly to one of his mates that Katie was the girl he would marry one day.  Not quietly enough it would seem, because as it turns out Katie had heard him.

Warwick however is a man of his word.

Their wedding day was filled with a whole lot of shenanigans and a huge sense of celebration.

Katie & Warwick are two of the sweetest people around, and after meeting their families, it’s easy to understand why.

Bec & Ryan

Bec & Ryan have been living in London for a few years now.  They were legally married there a little over a year ago in a very intimate ceremony with just some of their immediate family.

Now it was time to fly back home to Australia for the big shindig…the grand hootenanny to celebrate their wedding with ALL of their family and friends.

And it was completely brilliant.  A lot of laughs and a lot of love.

May I present the Bec & Ryan Australian wedding redux