Rachel & Lars’ Family – Sydney Newborn Family Lifestyle Photography

When Rachel contacted me, she was a little bit worried that their daughter might be “too old” for a newborn session, as she was already a couple of months old.   Not at all…not even a tiny bit too old!

That’s the beauty of lifestyle photography sessions – there is no right or wrong time to have them.  You have your session when the time is right for you and your family, I’ll be here to capture it for you x

Genevieve & Shane’s Family – family lifestyle photography Sydney

We started out Genevieve and Shane’s family session at home – hanging out with the kids and playing games (something these guys love to do!).

Being Sydney and the last throws of Summer, the kids had a quick dip in the pool before we headed out for a wander around the local park.  It’s days like these I feel lucky to live in a coastal city like Sydney.

Donna, Kevin, Angus, Maralyn & Phil – Sydney Family Photography

A bright Spring morning in the park with these beautiful people.

I love how connected Donna and her family are – you can see it in their faces.  You can feel it.

And you know, like all the good stuff in life, it’s all about the feels.


Dimitria, Michael, Dan & Cleo

The weather is finally starting to warm up in Sydney for Spring (well, sort of).  It’s really good to feel the sun again!

Even though it’s only been a few years since I photographed Dimi, Michael & the kids,  I love seeing how much they’ve changed in that short time and who they are becoming.  It’s pretty amazing watching families change and grow like that.

Kiersten, Hugh, Zac & Edie

Kiersten & Hugh have the most brilliant labyrinthine house in Sydney’s inner city.  It was the perfect location for their family session.

I get such a kick out of seeing people and families be themselves.  We live in such an artificial world at times and I find myself drawn to authenticity – whether that authenticity is shiny or smelly or happy or sad, it doesn’t matter, it’s real and it’s beautiful.

I can’t tell you how much I loved photographing these guys.  Kiersten & Hugh, thank you for inviting me into your world.

Lucy, Tom, Lila & Evie

I first met Lucy and Tom a few years ago when I captured their wedding (you can have a peek at their intimate palm beach wedding here).

They now have 2 little girls of their own now and with Tom’s parents visiting from the UK, it seemed a perfect time to update the family album. It was also a perfect time to have a surprise visit from the Easter Bunny, who had left all of his extra chocolate with Grandpa in the “Magic Forest”. Lila’s I’m-happy-eating-chocolate face below is absolutely brilliant.  Enjoy x

Charde, Ned & Axel’s Family Lifestyle Session

I love this family.

Over the last couple of years, Charde & Ned have asked me to be there to capture Charde’s maternity photographs and Axel’s birth.  They contacted me last year to say they were flying into Sydney for a quick visit over Christmas – so we figured out a gap in their busy schedule and managed to have a lifestyle session while they were here to mark Axel’s first birthday.

It’s amazing seeing families grow and develop together over the years.  I really love my job.

(You can see Axel’s birth story here)

Tara, Jake & Mackenzie

There’s something wonderous about photographing newborn lifestyle sessions.  The sessions are always so subdued, with new Mums & Dads in awe of this little human they’ve created that is now suddenly part of their lived forever.

You can see everything there right in front of you – the hopes parents have for their baby, the care that is taken to wipe away the tiniest eyelash or tear fallen from place, the shock of suddenly being a parent, the exhaustion….but above all of this you see the love.  The love is so thick and all-encompassing during these sessions it almost becomes something physical in the room you can feel.  Love almost becomes a tangible object.

You can see it here with Tara and Jake and their new daughter Mackenzie – clear as day.