Rachel & Lars’ Family – Sydney Newborn Family Lifestyle Photography

When Rachel contacted me, she was a little bit worried that their daughter might be “too old” for a newborn session, as she was already a couple of months old.   Not at all…not even a tiny bit too old!

That’s the beauty of lifestyle photography sessions – there is no right or wrong time to have them.  You have your session when the time is right for you and your family, I’ll be here to capture it for you x

Xudai, Mandy & Caden – Sydney Family Lifestyle Photography

Caden’s little brother or sister will be arriving soon, so Xudai & Mandy thought it would be the perfect time to capture their family as they are now – before all the excitement and change that a new baby in the family brings.

Life can sweep us along in it’s crazy current pretty quickly.  Sometimes we just need to take the time to pause for a second, so we can remember who we are right now <3

Cristy, Anthony, Alexander & Sienna – family lifestyle photography in Sydney

We really are insanely lucky in Sydney to have such amazing locations to explore, play and photograph in all over Sydney.  It was a fun super-cruisey afternoon hanging out in Rozelle with Anthony, Cristy & the kids – such a great connected family.

We even managed to sneak in a few special shots of Cristy & Anthony together at the end.  I think it’s really important to get time together as a couple….. even if it’s just for a few minutes.

I like being able to make that space for people 🙂

Stephanie & Bryce – their first year (couples photography)

I photographed Stephanie & Bryce’s beautiful Hunter Valley wedding a year ago (to see their photos, click here).  They had this great idea to have their guests write special messages for them, and put them into glass bottles that would then be sealed up after the wedding.  These bottles were to be re-opened one at a time, every year on their wedding anniversary.  Nice idea, huh?

When the first anniversary of their wedding came around this year, we arranged to meet to capture Stephanie & Bryce opening their first message bottle.  These guys had another idea though.  Apart from the sweet and gentle ceremony of opening this first bottle, they wanted to have another part to their shoot – something which symbolised the crazy, messiness of the first year of marriage.  Something which captured the essence of it for them…

They wanted to put on some wedding duds from the local Op-Shop, try and kill each other in a paint powder battle and would I be ok to capture that too please?  Hell, yes I would.

Keep your eyes peeled – Stephanie & Bryce also had some surprise news they wanted to share during the shoot too 😀


Battle time……