For me it’s all about capturing a story. Your story.  How you look at each other.  How you give each other that little extra squeeze at the end of a hug.  It's about how your Mum secretly wipes away her tears when she sees how beautiful you look on your wedding day.  How your children look at you with those big love-eyes when you're not looking.  I want to capture all of that for you, those in-between moments before they slip away.  Let's do this together.


I want to capture the whole of your wedding day for you - not just a part of it, but all of it - from morning swims and wedding day breakfasts at the start of your day, to heartfelt toasts and crazy dance floor moves at the end of the night. The tears, the laughter, the love.  This is your story, and I don’t want you to miss any of it.


Big, beautiful, crazy love.  No posing.  No fake smiles.  Just the two of you together.


Remember going through your family photo albums as a kid, and looking at the pictures with your parents then hearing the stories that went with the pictures?  Me too.  I loved it.  It’s part of how we learnt about our own histories - the picture of your great great great grandfather’s house, where it’s said he kept two pet lions that roamed free on the property (true story); the picture of your grandmother holding your Mum as a baby, and how pretty and young and happy she looked; that cool picture of your Mum & Dad when they were young....

It’s not really the big stuff that’s important to us, it’s the little stuff.  It’s the mundane and the everyday stuff that slips through our fingers before we know it - reading stories to your kids, cuddling the dog, chasing brothers and sisters in the park, holding hands and lying in the sun… that’s the good stuff right there.